Uttarakhand Encyclopedia : उत्तराखण्ड ज्ञानकोष अपना उत्तराखण्ड आइये, जाने, समझें और जुडें अपने पहाड़ से, अपने उत्तराखण्ड से मेरा पहाड़ फोरम तब नहीं तो अब गैरसैंण, अब नहीं तो कब गैरसैंण राजधानी से कम मंजूर नहीं

30 responses to “पं० राम दत्त जोशी- उत्तराखण्ड के महान ज्योतिर्विद”

  1. rajmanral

    there is some confusion in the dates of the punchang. Pt Joshi was born in
    1884 . If his punchang is 104 years old that means he made a new punchang at age 21.
    It does not seem to be very convincing

  2. राजेश जोशी

    मेरे लिए यह गर्व की बात है कि श्री जोशी जी मेरे क्षेत्र के निवासी थे और मै एक बात और जोड़ना चाह्ता हूं कि श्री रामद्त्त जोशी जी ने भीमताल में रामलीला कमेटी की ही स्थापना नही की बल्कि रामलीला नाटक भी लिखा है। हमारे कुमाऊं में जिस रामलीला नाटक का मंचन किया जाता है, वह श्री रामदत्त जोशी जी द्वारा लिखित/संकलित रामलीला नाटक पर ही आधारित है, जिसमें नौटंकी शैली में हिन्दी सवाद, छ्न्द और रामचरितमानस के अंश भी सम्मिलित होते हैं।

  3. kamlesh joshi

    मेरे लिए यह गर्व की बात है कि श्री जोशी जी मेरे क्षेत्र के निवासी थे i

  4. radha rawat

    kindly send me the contact addresses of some of the uttarakhand famous astrologersh

  5. Prakash Bhatt


    I want to get Panchang of Ram Dutt Joshi so how can I get it. Is it posible to get it by Post or whether it is available in Delhi, if yes at where.

    Please do reply


    Prakash Bhatt

  6. Girdhar Singh Bora

    I want to get Ram Dutt Joshi panchang for the year of 2013. Can anyone help me into this.



    I want to get Panchang of Ram Dutt Joshi 2013-14 so how can I get it. Is it posible to get it by Post or whether it is available in Delhi, if yes at where.

    Please do reply


    Janardhan Prasad Mamgai

    Read more: http://www.merapahad.com/ram-dutt-joshi/#ixzz2cP5WAGie

  8. suresh tiwari

    kumaun ke mahan logon ke bare me padkar achcha laga |


    I want to get Ram Dutt Joshi panchang for the year of 2014. Can anyone help me into this.

  10. pramod singh

    please provide online ram dutt panchang

  11. Puran chandra Bhakt

    i am a lucky person belongs from pandit joshijee janmbhoomi and karmbhoomi my grandfather pandit dharmanand bhakt also play rolls in ramlila guided by joshijee.that time ramlila place was todays sishu mandir school.later we also enjoyed joshijee written ramlila in kumoani style i have a highest regard for their contribution for society.

  12. Jhea

    That kind of thniinkg shows you’re an expert

  13. pranam karta hoo mai apoko.

    pranam karta hoo mai apoko.

  14. harish chandra mathpal

    need a dali punchang

  15. Kapil bhatt

    I want to be join on your organization, I hope you will give me response.

  16. Rakesh

    Is there anyone knows when Ram Dutt Joshi g 2017 panchang is getting released.
    Please reply on itani.rakesh@gmail.com

  17. sunil

    Why does Ram dutt joshi panchang differ with other Banaras & other different panchangs?
    Eg- DOB-21Aug1988 Name- Narender Born in Pithoragarh TIME- 17:15Hrs.
    astrologers following this panchang says it have JYESTHA 1 Nakshatra whereas other calculation says it is ANURADHA-4 Nakshatra . Even one can compare this with Shatabdi Panchang & kundli software.
    What I probably found was difference is sunrise & sunset. If it is so then why so much difference in it??
    leave a reply in singh.sunil210888@yahoo.in

  18. दीप चंद पांडेय

    हमारे पहाड़ी पंचांग व देसी पंचांग में बहुत अंतर होता है।यह अंतर क्यों होता है यदि इस विषय में कुछ जानकारी हो तो बताएं।

  19. Gokul Nath Goswami

    I want to get Sri Ram Datt Panchang from 1950 to 2000. For this I visited and requested Sri Deepak Joshi to avail me the required old copies of Panchang,who is at present the editor of this Panchang, but all in vain.
    Since I need them to prepare/check rhe detailed Kundali of my near and dear ones.Please help me.

  20. पंडित मनोज चन्द्र जोशी नैनीताल रामनगर

    नमस्कार गुरु जी मुझे कुण्डली बनानी सीखनी है
    कोई विधि बताएं धन्यवाद

  21. haripal karki

    Grahpravesh maagh kai mahine main ho sakta hai

  22. Deep pandey

    Mujhe pandit ji ka 1984-1985 ka panchang ki jarurat hai .. agar kisi sajjan ke pas panchang rakha ho to kripaya 15 June 1984 se 15 July 1984 wala page mail karne ki kripa karen

  23. Ruchira Pant

    Is Ram Dutt Joshi’s panchang available online or from where can I get it?
    I stay in Gurugram, Haryana.

  24. Nk joshi

    My father was karam kandi pndit villge sumrah kapkot my father name is Davi dutt joshi he wa teacher holl life ue for ram dutt joshi panchg. N.K.joshi. Ghaziabad. 9717893183

  25. Dr. Krishnanand Sinha

    First time I visited the Kosi Katarmal Sun temple towards the end of January 2016. I was told that a festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of Paush. It was also stated that morning sun’s rays first enter the sanctum santorum of the temple to illuminate the deity. This made me curious to visit the temple again and near to the date when the festival is held.

    Next I visited the above mentioned temple on 10 Jan 2020 to find that although it was a full moon day and the holy month of Magh were to begin from the next day yet the festival was to be celebrated on 12 Jan which was a Sunday ! When asked, the priest there told me that they followed the Panchang of Ram Dutt Joshi of Ramnagar which took into account the local circumstances. The famous Uttarayani Mela at Bageswar was celebrated on 13 and 14 of January taking into account the beginning of Uttarayan.

    It is thus seen that there are discrepancies in the Panchang and among the followers of the tradition. Probably the Panchang being made by the descendants of Ram Dutt Joshi needs corrections and a fresh look on how to make it reasonable.


    कृपया रामदत्त जोशी जीका पंचांग सन 1990 का साके1912 भेजने की कृपा करें

  27. Chetan

    Humhne Dilli mein Ram Dutt Joshi ji ka panchang chahiye.
    Kya aap courier kar sakte hain.

    Saath mein kundli bhi dikhwani hain. Ye kaise sambhav hain.

  28. नारायण दत्त पन्त

    क्या गणेश मार्तण्ड पञ्चाङ्ग का कोई app है

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