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Narayani Devi-85 year’s old carpet weaver

narayani-deviIf you want to do something you do not require many resources for that. You need a strong will to do the work and you can achieve many things. You need to start doing rather then thinking. You have read the similar things in Women Empowerment and Village Ways. Today I am going to tell you the story of 85 year’s old Narayani Devi. Many  environmentalist,scientist, social activist are still figuring out the ways to fight the plastic menace, Narayani Devi 85 year’s old illiterate resident of a village Thureti 10 k.m from Nainbagh and 50 K.M from Mussoorie has found a novel way of getting rid of unwanted plastic. She collected the plastic bags from around the area and began weaving a carpet (Chatai) for herself made of plastic ropes. Few years ago sitting in her lawns was disgusted with the unwanted plastic which was destroying the environment in the area and seeing that nothing was been done took to task of weaving fine colourful carpet for herself. She said, “I collect whatever plastic I can lay my hands to and convert into fine rope for the carpet”.  She added the plastic of different colours add to the show of the carpet and I get a comfortable carpet for lying around in sun.”

The Teachers at Gorakhori School who first saw Narayani Devi with the plastic carpet wee of the view that she should be treated as the role model for all working in the field of conservation of the environment.Thy added further that this was best form of recycling which could be initiated anywhere in the country and become a source of revenue generation. The efforts of Narayani Devi are commendable and worth self emulating and will go a long way in preserving the environment.

Similar campaigns are also being run in many areas.Garhwal Post reports

A polythene clean-up campaign surrounding the Corbett National Park was held at Dhikuli village, today. It was organised by the Leisure Green Team of Leisure Hotels. As part of this drive, staff of The Corbett Hideaway and The Riverview Retreat made an appeal to the public to not throw polythene into the forest. Along with the villagers, they collected non-biodegradable litter from the road side. After collecting the litter, it was sent to Ramnagar town where the Municipal Corporation would ensure it was recycled.


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