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Chakrata : A Virgin Retreat


चकराता जाने का रास्ता

Chakrata is known for its pristine and unparallel beauty.  It is situated at an awe-inspring 2270 mt above sea level, and is only 98 km from Dehradun and 73 km from Mussoorie. A part of this town comes under cantonment area for the Indian army. The northern part of Charata attracts the trekkers and nature lovers with its beautiful landscape, virgin forests of oaks, conifers, and rhododendrons   and attractive villages of the Jaunsari tribe. The area also includes the 3084 mt high peaks of Kharamba. On its northern slopes is situated Mundali 2776 mt where from the month of December to March skiers can enjoy skiing. 

NOTE- Chakrata is restricted for foreign tourists. prior permission of competent authority is essential.  

How To Reach


चकराता के मनोहारी जंगल

Air- Jollygrant airport in Dehradun, 124 km away. 

Railways- The nearest railhead is 98 km. away at Dehradun, which is well connected to all major cities. Taxis and Buses are easily available outside the Railway Station of Dehradun. 

Road- Buses ply to all the major tourist centers in the region. Uttarakhand and other state transport corporations ply deluxe and super fast buses to Delhi.  

Where To Stay

Forest Rest house and private hotels are available. Chakrata to Dakpathar by road 50 kms. nearest accommodation at- 

 Tourist rest house, dakpathar              01360-222133 

Assan Barrage                                         01360-224098 


What to see


टाइगर फाल, चकराता

Tiger Fall- After a breathtaking or easy trek of 8 km. from Chakrata, lies Tiger fall a water ballad with unparalleled beauty, falling gracefully from a height of 50 mt. Tiger fall creates a small pond, which renders an enchanting effect to the picturesque surroundings. 


Deoban- 20 km. away from Chakrata this place is surrounded by dense forests, at an altitude of 2200 mt. It provides a panoramic view of the himalyan ranges.  

लाखामंडल में शिव जी का मन्दिर

Lakhamandal- At a distance of 60 km   from Chakrata, this area has mythological significance due to its association with the Mahabharat. It is believed that the Kauravas buit “Lakshagraha” (house of lac) to burn alive the Pandavas here. Many ancient temples of Lord Shiva and Parshuram are scattered around this area.  

Hanol- Situated at a distance of 98 kms. from Chakrata, 14 kms. from tuni, 189 km from Dehradun on tuni-mori motor road an elevation of 1500 mt is Hanol. “Lord Mahasu” is worshipped is the village lying on the eastern bank of river Tons. The temple of the diety has been constructed in the “huna” architectural style.



हनोल में महासू देवता का मन्दिर

Kanasar- 30 km from Chakrata and 128 km from Dehradun. Kanasar is perched on the Charata-Tuni motarble road. Backdrop of towering peaks and dense rain forests cuts out kanasar as the idyllic retreat. The night halts arte facilitated by the equally picturesque forest rest houses. 

Mundali- 125 km from Chakrata via tuni, lies kathiyan, helds to mundali. From kathiyan trekking route of the last 5 km ski slopes of mundali, has everything a trekker or an enthusiast can wish for. Skiing is Mundali is a unique experience only to be felt. Mundali is easily accessible from deoban(23km) by a motorable road. 

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