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Women Empowerment and Lashkar

image As it is said that where there is a will there is a way.This has been true for some women of Uttarakhand. They have made a Village Dairy Cooperative Movement in Uttarakhand for empowering women. This movement is becoming an effective method in bringing about a turnaround in the fortunes of women who outnumber men is several districts Tribune India says. The dairy cooperative movement was started in Garhwal and Kuamaon regions with the establishment of the Milk Production Cooperative Association at Haldwani in 1949. Later, Cooperative associations were set up in Almora and Dehradun in 1954 and 1955.

There are a total of 420 women cooperatives in the state, generating 12,000 litres of milk per day and benefiting 15,239 women. The milk is sold at Rs 112 litre per day in the market. A single woman member earns Rs 1,044 per day.

After the incorporation of SIDCUL, on which we have a details discussions, many industries are coming to Uttarakhand. Economics times reports that swedish bearing major SKF is investing Rs 150 crore in a new ball bearings manufacturing plant at Haridwar.

The famous CharDham Yatra of Uttarakhand is started.

बद्रीनाथ-केदारनाथ मंदिर समिति के कार्याधिकारी अनिल शर्मा से मिली जानकारी के अनुसार आज पूर्वाह्न लगभग 11 बजे ऊखीमठ स्थित केदारनाथ के शीतकालीन गद्दी स्थल ओंकारेश्वर मंदिर से केदारनाथ की मूर्ति डोली वैदिक मंत्रोच्चार के बीच परम्परागत पूजा अर्चना के बाद केदार धाम के लिये प्रस्थान कर गयी। यह डोली 29 अप्रैल को केदारनाथ पहुंचेगी और 30 अप्रैल को प्रात: छह बजकर 15 मिनट भगवान शिव के 12 ज्योर्तिलिंगों में से एक केदारनाथ के कपाट ग्रीष्मकाल के लिए दर्शनार्थ खुल जायेंगें।

Dainik Jagran reports that Uttarakhand is being targeted by Lashkar.

खुफिया विभाग ने जो संदेश पकड़े हैं उनके मुताबिक आतंकी नेपाल या बांग्लादेश के रास्ते प्रवेश करेंगे। विभाग ने राज्य के आला अधिकारियों, पुलिस प्रमुख को इस संबंध में पत्र भेजे हैं। जिनमें चौकस रहने और पुराने स्कूटरों की खरीद-बेच पर निगाह रखने को कहा गया है। इस खतरनाक योजना को अंजाम देने के लिए आतंकियों को तीन से चार हजार में स्कूटर खरीदने को कहा गया है। आतंकियों के संभावित नाम मुस्तासिम, हासिर, कुफी, मसूद, रजा, करी, अशरफ व फैजल बताए गए हैं।

In this column we also share the travelogue on Uttarakhand. Recently Sudipto has visited Uttarakhand and he shares some of the snaps and his memories.  He writes about Mohan Cafe of Kasardevi.

It’s so fascinating to see someone from no where to take small steps and finally setting up his own enterprise that has created employment not only for him but also for 10-15 other people in a place where sustenance of life is itself a very hard thing. Had Mohan not been an entrepreneur he would have been one of the million tea stall owners who struggle through out their lives to meet their ends. His simple ideas and great dreams made him go ahead of his peers. His conviction and satisfaction show in his face. It was a great humbling experience for me.



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