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A Kavi Sammelen at Noida

Yesterday I got the chance of attending a Garhwali-Kumaoni Kavi-Sammelen-Yes they do exist- at Noida. After much delay and self praise and promotion by organisers the program finally started at 6.30 PM – full 3 hours late from the scheduled time of 3.30 PM. There were some known faces there. Narendra Singh Negi ji with his wife Usha Negi ji, Heera Singh Rana ji, Rajendra Chauhan with his wife Kalpana Chauhan and many more. Our team lead by Charu Tewari ji was fully there along with M.S.Mehta, Dayal Pandey, Himanshu Pathak and others. Program started with Saraswati Bandana sung by Kalpana Chauhan ji. The dance performance on this song was great. Then there was great welcome and felicitation of Shri Radha Krish vaishnav ji. When he came to mike he started saying that “here comes the 90 year youth in front of you”. This was great to hear as Radha Krish ji was one of oldest journalist from Uttarakhand.

Watching Kavi Sammelan was a treat as beautiful poems were recited by poets in Kumaoni and Garhwali. Such a great emotions exists in our own language, I was not aware. The poets were also of repute, we had Shri Narendra Singh Negi ji, Shri Heera Singh Rana, Shri Prem Lal Bhatt, Dr Diwa Bhatt, Shri Ganesh Kushal Gani , Shri Jagdish Joshi, Smt Veena Kandari, Shri Girish Sundriyal,Shri Hemant Singh Bisht, Shri Jaipal Singh Rawat , Shri Dinesh Dhyani, Shri Pooran Chandra Kandpal etc.  I wanted to be there for the whole program but because of the delay the schedule got extended and I had to leave without watching full kavi sammelan.

Some of the beautiful photos for you.

Banner Dance

Banner at The stage

Dance Performance

Dance1 Deep-Prajwalan-1

Dance Performance

Deep Prajwalan

Kalpana Chauhan Narendra-Singh-Negi ji

Kalpana Chauhan ji

Narendra Singh Negi JI

Kavis-getting-bore-with-the delay Jagdeesh-joshi-ji

Poets Getting Bore with Delay

Jagdeesh Joshi ji

Neeta-kukreti-ji Pooran-chandra-kandpal-ji

Neeta Kukreti Ji

Pooran Chandra Kandpal ji

Radha Krishn Vaishnav Ji

<—Radha Krishn Vaishnave ji felicitation.

Update : Organisors of that program has sent us the following update regarding the said program.

“देव भूमि की पुकार” पाक्षिक समाचार पत्र के 15 साल पूरे होने के अवसर पर नॉएडा में दिनाक 05 जुलाई 2009 को एक भव्य आयोजन किया गया। इस कार्यक्रम का उद्देश्य उत्तराखंड स्थानीय भाषा को बल देने के लिये भी किया गया था। देव भूमि की पुकार के मुख्य सम्पादक डॉक्टर बिहारी लाल जालंधरी ने उत्तराखंड के भाषा पर अपने शोध के बारे में लोगो को अवगत कराया। उनका कहना था कि वे (डॉक्टर बिहारी लाल जालंधरी) उत्तराखंड के पहले व्यक्ति है जिन्होंने उत्तराखंड के स्थानीय भाषा के लिए शोध किया है। उन्होंने उत्तराखंड के भाषा को लिपि भी तैयार की है जिसका नाम है गौऊ।

कार्यक्रम के आयोजको में प्रमुख थे :

डॉ बिहारी लाल जालंधरी, श्री शम्भू प्रसाद पोखरियाल, श्री उपेन्द्र पोखरियाल, डॉक्टर वैष्णव (फोर्टिस अस्पताल), श्री महेश चन्द्र, श्री कैलाश नौटियाल, श्री अनिल चन्द्र जोशी, श्री चन्दन सिंह बिष्ट, श्री देवेन्द्र सिह

Yesterday I told you about an important seminar. The news of the same is also covered by prominent news papers. news-on-himalay-bachao-himalay-basao

Here is the cutting from Nai Duniya.

Hope you have listened some of the beautiful songs with their lyrics which I updated in other site.

पतई कमर तिरछी नजर..हाय हाय रे मिजाता..

हाय सुपारी खाय-खाय सुण माया, क्या रामरो घाम लाग्यो छ

ऊँचा नीसा डाडों मा, टेढ़ा मेढ़ा बाटों मा

मालुरा हरियालु डांना का पार

ओ भिना कस के जानू द्वारिहाटा

5 responses to “A Kavi Sammelen at Noida”

  1. Himanshu Risky Pathak

    Yes, It was a great moment for me to see these renowned poets at one place.

    Poets created such a binding environment that listeners forgot about external world.

    Heera Singh Rana’s ‘Tyer Pahad Myer Pahad’ was my favourite one.
    However i missed narendra negi’s performance.

  2. Dr. Anil Dharka

    Garhwali kumauni kabi sammelan is appricitiable. The rearch work of Dr. B L Jalandhari too much appriciable. The new ^gaun akhar* Which call pran of our bhasha, first time I hear this word in our life. My father in law tell me barakhari which call to Dr. Jalandhari, the origin of our language.


  3. premprakash

    i am new in the city gagiabad is any gathwali hear

  4. Mahesh Naithani Rtd IAS Ahamdabad

    The kavi sammelan of Garhwali kumauni local dilect is very appricitiable. The rearch work of Dr. B L Jalandhari too much appriciable. He found *gaon akhar* which is origin of our language. This research is new work of Garhwali kumauni dilects. If all society of Uttarakhandi region which is working in out of Uttarakhand and abrod healp to Dr Jalandhari work and approch to Govt of Uttarakhand to istablish a saparet Department develope to Garhawali kumauni dilect to bhasha. The theem of Dr Jalandhari to preserve the origin of our language. I once again appriciate his work.


  5. Manoj Dhyani mannu

    A Kavi-Sammelen of Garhwali-Kumaoni at Noida and the news of this sammelan display on this website is appreciatable. The journalist caments that the programm much delay and self praise and promotion by organisers. If the organiser of this kabi sammelan promote their object between all invitees than how this journalist discarage his work. All person is invities kabi and other may societies office bearers.
    We appreciate to orgniser and his objects. I understood this is not a cultural activity, not any self praised programm. They want to give their massage to preserve local language of uttarakhan.

    My only one question for you that you speack you language you write your language with your local word ?

    Manoj Mannu

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