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A Kavi Sammelen at Noida

Yesterday I got the chance of attending a Garhwali-Kumaoni Kavi-Sammelen-Yes they do exist- at Noida. After much delay and self praise and promotion by organisers the program finally started at 6.30 PM – full 3 hours late from the scheduled time of 3.30 PM. There were some known faces there. Narendra Singh Negi ji with […]

Lyrics Writing and Important Seminar

I have not updated this site from quite some time as I was busy in updating the other site. That is really a tedious task as I have to listen the songs multiple times to write lyrics of those songs. You would wonder that many lyrics are available on the net so, I could have […]

Uttarakhand Truly a Devbhoomi

Uttarakhand Truly a Devbhoomi

Hanuman Chatti (7200 feet) is a small hamlet a few miles from Gaurikund, the name “chatti” indicates that it was at one time a night stop on the pilgrim road. Sanyasis from the Juna Akhara live there now during the pilgrim season, where they care for several small temples (the main one to Hanuman, shown here), where the passing pilgrims provide a steady stream of potential patrons (no one is here now because I took this photo in November). The flat platform to the left of the temple is the samadhi shrine of Himalaya Giri, a sanyasi who must have lived in that spot for many seasons. So at this site are two nodes of holiness for Hindus: a temple to a deity, and a memorial to a renunciant ascetic.