Uttarakhand Encyclopedia : उत्तराखण्ड ज्ञानकोष अपना उत्तराखण्ड आइये, जाने, समझें और जुडें अपने पहाड़ से, अपने उत्तराखण्ड से मेरा पहाड़ फोरम तब नहीं तो अब गैरसैंण, अब नहीं तो कब गैरसैंण राजधानी से कम मंजूर नहीं

One response to “Mukteshwar : A Quiet Paradise In Uttarakhand”

  1. Dr.jaman Lal

    I was born in Pitholi near Mukteswar in 1945.I studied in Mukteswar School up to 7th.class.The Pant Brothers (one of them Dr.Pushpesh Pantji)were 2 years senior to me.Their father Dr.D.D.Panth was Medical Officer in IVRI who treated me for baat(Arthritis?). Sri N.K.Karnatak ,most respected person, was my class Teacher.I have all the memories of a pahari boy of this place.I still remember, when Sri G.B.Pantji opened the Ramgarh-Mukteswar Road and programme was held in the School. The visit of Sri Khusi Ram ji,the MLA from the area(Was it Khatima) some where in 1955-56. I have played gullidanda,made ghat(water mill),made gulel(Katty),grazed cattle of my grandfather,played in snow,eaten boiled kaddu/potatoes during heavy snow fall preserved for the heavy winters.(It used snow for days during Dec.-Jan).This is not so now,courtesy deforestation.The IVRI was bustling those days with activity,but now it has been bifurcated in many parts and established in various parts of the country. Only one unit is functioning here now.Where is that Mukteswar.Dr.Jaman Lal.

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