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4 responses to “Rami Baurani : A Symbol Of Sacrifice & Dedication”

  1. C p kothiyal

    Wel collection

  2. Ramesh

    It is a very great story, it touching heart of all Uttranchali.

    It can inspire other women/men, creat believeness between Husband and wife in modern 21st century.

  3. Vivek Dhyani

    It has touched bottom of my heart. It is great istance for us to have trust and faith in relations. Great….. Raami Boraani!

  4. Mohansingh Mehra

    It is a great story, which touch every uttranchali’s heart .The trust between husband-wife should be like Rami Borani and are still seen in our all uttranchali even in this 21st century

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