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Village Ways: A Unique Project

Village Ways: A Unique Project

The idea behind this Daily Dose of Uttarakhand (DDU) is to make you aware about those aspects of Uttarakhand which are normally overlooked by many.We try to bring those things in light which can motivate people,give them some food for thought and they can feel the “essence of Mitti” (माटी की सौंधी खुशबू) and get the picture of real Uttrakhand. You must have seen that nearly in every Uttarakhand centric site there is only one aspect of Uttarakhand and that is the its natural beauty BUT Uttarakhand is not only having natural beauty but you can also find the sheer hard work of its natives,the pain behind preserving the mother nature. In the complete portfolio of MeraPahad Dot Com sites you will feel all such issues apart from the natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

Yesterday we have told you about the Village Dairy Cooperative Movement in Uttarakhand for empowering women. Today we would tell about the Village Ways,a unique project for tourism.